The Doors

The Crew at Yakima Aerosport put an interesting idea in my head: patroller doors.

I thought this was extraordinary. Why settle for an opaque door when you can essentially have a window that goes from the wing to the floorboard? This gives the back seat riders a reason to want to sit in the back and it makes the rear cabin much less “claustrophobic”.



UPDATE! This is what the doors look like on the finished plane.


4 thoughts on “The Doors

  1. Robert Tomporowski

    Your Pacer looks great, did you use the trimmer stc for the doors and the gear? and do the doors hinge upward or forward like the standard piper door does? would love to know the performance with the dakota wing. Great job, Robert

  2. Bill Hilton

    Great looking plane… I can tell an incredible amount of thought and attention to detail went into your plane.

    I ‘m looking at purchasing a pacer and although it may look like its a bush plane, I recognize I’ll have to make mods to the pacer to get it to perform in the offstrip areas in Alaska.

    Can you give us any landing and takeoff specs since changing out your wing. I’d really be interested in your other mods you’ve made to your pacer. Are you using the current STC from trimmer aviation?

    Thank again and great looking plane.

  3. Mike Butterfield

    Hi Robert!

    The doors swing up and are Syd’s own design made from the wing compression strut tube material. He did use the Trimmer STC for the gear. The plane flies like a standard wing Cub, hence the name. If you were ever close to Richfield UT I’ll bet Syd would share with you… Take care and good luck to us all.mb


    How can I get Sid’s design for the observation Doors. How much for the materials for doors on Piper Pacer.

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